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When is the best time to fly to Salt Lake City?

13 448 - 24 57513 448 - 24 575 ZAR

On average, you’re most likely to get the best airfare deals, if you book 56 days in advance. The most expensive day to book is typically on the day that you’re planning to fly.

For the lowest prices on airfare, the best day of the week to fly is on Tuesdays and the worst is on Saturdays. Flying on a Tuesday also means a short week on your return if you have to head straight to work on Wednesday.

For the best time of the day to fly, evenings flights (from after sunset until sunrise) are usually cheaper than morning flights. Your time of arrival depends on your destination, so while we can’t be sure if you’ll lose or gain time, flying in the evening can save you money.

Which airlines operate flights to Salt Lake City?

While low cost carriers are the cheapest, don’t forget that the fares often do not include checked baggage, meals, or drinks. Take a look at our estimated additional fees in your search results to get an idea of how much extra you may have to pay.

Airports near Salt Lake City

Below you will find all the airports in Salt Lake City along with the distance from the city centre
Salt Lake City airport
6 km from city centre

Quick facts about Salt Lake City

Time, currency, and the basics — see the local time and get an idea of how much money you will spend on the basics in Salt Lake City
Local time
US Dollar
Pint of beer
26 ZAR
Inexpensive restaurant
186 ZAR
Public transport
One-way ticket
39 ZAR

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