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Flight prices to countries in Asia

Interested in flights to Asia? Find the countries in Asia that you can fly to for the biggest savings


R554 - R4 473

CHEAPEST COUNTRYPakistan61% cheaperUsers typically spent R880 less on flights to Pakistan
MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRYChina212% more expensiveUsers typically spent R3 038 more on trips to China
MOST POPULAR COUNTRY TO FLY TOIndia253% more popularAs a popular travel destination, more of our users plan to visit India than any other country in Asia

Popular cities and sights in Asia

Take a trip to visit these popular cities and see some of the most iconic and historic sights in Asia

Cheapest flight routes to Asia

These routes have the cheapest flights to Asia found by momondo users in South Africa
DepartingDestinationBest TimeBest Price
JohannesburgKarachi14h 10mR5 034
JohannesburgLahore13h 35mR5 304
JohannesburgBangkok16h 35mR5 399
JohannesburgMalé14h 25mR5 653
Cape TownBangkok17h 35mR5 844
JohannesburgNew Delhi20h 55mR5 986
Cape TownNew Delhi32h 00mR6 034
JohannesburgJakarta18h 55mR6 114
Cape TownMalé16h 50mR6 161
JohannesburgPhuket City17h 55mR6 399
JohannesburgSingapore10h 25mR6 510
DurbanBangkok18h 30mR6 622
Cape TownPhuket City36h 25mR6 907
Cape TownJakarta20h 45mR7 241
DurbanKuala Lumpur37h 00mR7 257
JohannesburgHong Kong20h 10mR7 320

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    Confirm your travel details to search for the latest offers. While browsing offers there will be the option to toggle “Price Alerts”. You’ll then receive updates when prices for the flight route increase or decrease.

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    Leverage our AI within our “Price Forecast” tool, which predicts if it’s better to book now or wait until prices decrease. You can strategically pick the best days to fly and save money on your trip by using our “Price Calendar” tool. “Explore” shows an overview of how much it costs to fly to anywhere from a selected city or airport. Our “Discover” content is a great option for travel inspiration and money-saving tips, while “Price Alerts” will update you when prices change, so you can book when fares are right.

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    We aggregate our prices from over 700+ competitors from airlines to OTAs. We operate in over 30 markets worldwide to show you a wide range of travel options.

Popular routes to Asia from South Africa

Most frequently searched flights to Asia along with the cheapest prices and shortest flight duration
Johannesburg to Mumbai Flights
Fastest flight time15h 00m
Cheapest priceR7 336
Durban to Mumbai Flights
Fastest flight time18h 30m
Cheapest priceR8 575
Johannesburg to Malé Flights
Fastest flight time14h 25m
Cheapest priceR5 653
Johannesburg to Manila Flights
Fastest flight time24h 50m
Cheapest priceR17 118
Sun City, North-West to Phuket City Flights
Fastest flight time26h 10m
Cheapest priceR13 243
Johannesburg to Phuket City Flights
Fastest flight time17h 30m
Cheapest priceR6 399
Johannesburg to Denpasar Flights
Fastest flight time23h 05m
Cheapest priceR9 067
Cape Town to Phuket City Flights
Fastest flight time18h 40m
Cheapest priceR7 082
Johannesburg to Bangkok Flights
Fastest flight time16h 35m
Cheapest priceR5 383
Johannesburg to Seoul Flights
Fastest flight time20h 25m
Cheapest priceR13 418
Johannesburg to New Delhi Flights
Fastest flight time19h 10m
Cheapest priceR5 986
Cape Town to Mumbai Flights
Fastest flight time19h 50m
Cheapest priceR6 923
Cape Town to Bangkok Flights
Fastest flight time17h 35m
Cheapest priceR5 844
Sun City, North-West to Bishkek Flights
Fastest flight time36h 20m
Cheapest priceR17 293
Sun City, North-West to Shanghai Flights
Fastest flight time28h 10m
Cheapest priceR13 402
Durban to New Delhi Flights
Fastest flight time18h 40m
Cheapest priceR12 164
Cape Town to Denpasar Flights
Fastest flight time37h 25m
Cheapest priceR8 940
Johannesburg to Lahore Flights
Fastest flight time15h 05m
Cheapest priceR5 304
Johannesburg to Singapore Flights
Fastest flight time10h 25m
Cheapest priceR6 510
Cape Town to Malé Flights
Fastest flight time16h 50m
Cheapest priceR6 320

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