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Flight prices to countries in South Pacific

Interested in flights to South Pacific? Find the countries in South Pacific that you can fly to for the biggest savings


R1 130 - R6 983

CHEAPEST COUNTRYNew Zealand57% cheaperUsers typically spent R1 513 less on flights to New Zealand
MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRYFrench Polynesia164% more expensiveUsers typically spent R4 340 more on trips to French Polynesia
MOST POPULAR COUNTRY TO FLY TOAustralia310% more popularAs a popular travel destination, more of our users plan to visit Australia than any other country in South Pacific

Popular cities and sights in South Pacific

Take a trip to visit these popular cities and see some of the most iconic and historic sights in South Pacific

Cheapest flight routes to South Pacific

These routes have the cheapest flights to South Pacific found by momondo users in South Africa
DepartingDestinationBest TimeBest Price
JohannesburgPerth19h 25mR12 573
JohannesburgAuckland28h 35mR13 374
JohannesburgSydney11h 45mR13 589
JohannesburgMelbourne19h 55mR13 774
Cape TownSydney27h 45mR14 020
JohannesburgBrisbane15h 55mR14 343
DurbanAuckland29h 35mR15 174
Cape TownAuckland26h 05mR15 420
Cape TownBrisbane25h 15mR15 590
Cape TownMelbourne38h 10mR15 605
Cape TownAdelaide37h 55mR16 159
JohannesburgAdelaide45h 25mR17 313
JohannesburgCairns50h 15mR17 837
Cape TownChristchurch32h 35mR17 944
Cape TownHobart57h 30mR18 406
JohannesburgNadi30h 40mR19 206

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Popular countries to fly to in South Pacific

If you need more inspiration, you will find the most searched countries below in South Pacific

Consider flying elsewhere in South Pacific?

Still haven't decided where to go in South Pacific? Get inspired by comparing billions of flights.

Popular routes to South Pacific from South Africa

Most frequently searched flights to South Pacific along with the cheapest prices and shortest flight duration
Cape Town to Melbourne Flights
Fastest flight time36h 45m
Cheapest priceR15 898
Johannesburg to Perth Flights
Fastest flight time19h 25m
Cheapest priceR12 573
Johannesburg to Melbourne Flights
Fastest flight time24h 15m
Cheapest priceR13 774
Johannesburg to Sydney Flights
Fastest flight time11h 45m
Cheapest priceR13 589
Johannesburg to Brisbane Flights
Fastest flight time15h 55m
Cheapest priceR14 343
Cape Town to Sydney Flights
Fastest flight time25h 05m
Cheapest priceR14 020
Johannesburg to Auckland Flights
Fastest flight time28h 35m
Cheapest priceR13 374
Durban to Melbourne Flights
Fastest flight time35h 20m
Cheapest priceR29 317
Johannesburg to Adelaide Flights
Fastest flight time45h 25m
Cheapest priceR17 313
Cape Town to Auckland Flights
Fastest flight time26h 05m
Cheapest priceR15 482
Cape Town to Brisbane Flights
Fastest flight time24h 50m
Cheapest priceR15 590
Cape Town to Hamilton Flights
Fastest flight time40h 25m
Cheapest priceR22 130
Johannesburg to Nuku‘alofa Flights
Fastest flight time45h 55m
Cheapest priceR40 090
Cape Town to Christchurch Flights
Fastest flight time32h 35m
Cheapest priceR17 944
Johannesburg to Cairns Flights
Fastest flight time31h 05m
Cheapest priceR16 452
Port Elizabeth to Melbourne Flights
Fastest flight time22h 10m
Cheapest priceR46 292
Johannesburg to Hamilton Flights
Fastest flight time56h 45m
Cheapest priceR20 237
Johannesburg to Papeete Flights
Fastest flight time58h 50m
Cheapest priceR107 466
Cape Town to Adelaide Flights
Fastest flight time37h 55m
Cheapest priceR16 159
Durban to Auckland Flights
Fastest flight time29h 35m
Cheapest priceR15 174

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